Who Else Wants Perfect Restauraunt Quality Meals At The Push of a Button?

Programmable Slow CookerProgrammable slow cookers are like microwaves in that you chuck the food in press a button or two and a few minutes later (hours for slow cooker) your food is ready. Except with a slow cooker you can be rest assured your food will be cooked thoroughly, beautifully and healthily.

Just like a microwave a programmable slow cooker is easy to use so that even your kids and husband can cook up a storm!

This list of the best programmable slow cookers is arranged by the top performing and most value for the price tag slow cookers. So if two slow cookers on this list were the exact same likeness the more affordable one would be listed higher. But, keep in mind, all these programmable slow cookers are good bets and it’s just about you choosing which you prefer. So. Take it slow.


Best Programmable Slow Cooker Options


 The Gift That Keeps Giving

1) Hamilton Beach Set and Forget 6 Quart

Hamilton Beach Best Slow Cooker

With my number 1 choice for the best programmable slow cooker you will not be disappointed. The Hamilton Beach Set and Forget is 6 quarts (enough for you and the family twice over) and has unique sensors to ensure your food is cooked and waiting for you when you get home.

The 3 cooking options are in-built program, where you select an option from the LED screen based on the food you’re cooking and the time you want it to cook in. There is manual, which is just setting the times and temp yourself. And finally, there is cooking based on the included temperature probe – this one takes your control to a whole new level, and ensures your food is properly cooked.

And don’t worry about transporting your beautifully cooked food to a potluck or party because this slow cooker comes with a clip-tight lid to ensure all the goodness stays within.

With Temperature Control

2) Crock Pot 6.5 Quart Touch Screen

Crock Pot Programmable Slow Cooker

Number 2 on the list of best programmable slow cookers is one made by Crock Pot – the 6.5 quart stainless steel programmable. It is quite similar to the number 1 choice. ‘Cept it does not include a clip down lid for transport.

It is oval shaped to allow for maximum amount of food inside the pot. It is programmable, of course, and will even switch to ‘keep warm’ once your food is cooked.

This slow cooker is *very* well constructed and you should also notice that the metal side handles have silicone stay-cool wraps. Check out this slow cooker if you like style in your kitchen.

Great Option For Most

3) Cuisinart 3.5 Quart

Cuisinart Programmable Slow Cooker

The Cuisinart 3.5 quart personifies simplicity. You will never have to read directions for this one. All you do is use the touchpad control to set the up-to 24 hour countdown timer, one of the 4 cooking modes and go away to have some fun and wait.

So yeah, at number 3 on the list of best programmable slow cookers, the Cuisinart comes with a dishwasher safe pot and lid, nonslip rubber feet and stay cool handles to allow you to move it around your kitchen with ease.

You are getting a programmable slow cooker that will last you ages and ages and cook you amazing restaurant quality meals – every single night if you so please.

Unique Modern Design

4) Crock Pot 6 Quart Programmable (Polished)

Crock Pot Programable Slow Cooker

Quite possible the nicest, most sleek looking slow cooker in existence! The Crock Pot 6 quart programmable is polished stainless steel and made to last.

So if you want to be able to feed 7 or more people at once and want a four setting programmable slow cooker with one touch control then this one is for you.

It has a rectangular design but oval cook pot to ensure you have ample space for your food and available room for your cooker in the kitchen. You can’t beat this one for the price.

With 3-year Warranty

5) Cuisinart PSC-650 6.5 Quart

Cuisinart 6.5 Quart Slow Cooker

Here we have a round 6 quart programmable slow cooker with brushed stainless steel exterior. It is made by Cuisinart and is very affordable. With it you can do just about anything you please – including cooking up a storm for your friends and family with ease.

You get simmer, low and high modes of cooking temperature, a 24-hour timer and auto keep-warm to ensure your food stays warm for you and does not overcook.

I am truly excited to see the reviews of this Cuisinart (with people loving its ease of use and cooking reliability) and it is good to see a slow cooker with a 3-year warranty.


Square Footprint With Round Bowl Cooking Area

6) DeLonghi 5 Quart

DeLonghi 5 Quart Programmable Slow Cooker

Coming in at number 6 on this list is the Italian-made DeLonghi 5 quart. It has everything you would expect in a programmable slow cooker including a 10 hour timer, easy to clean ceramic pot bowl, touch button control and a sleek compact design.

You will never have to worry about making gorgeous Sunday meals again because this DeLonghi will literally do the cooking for you. Whether your doing errands, watching sports or at work – you’ll just enjoy the meal and not worry about cooking the meal.

This Italian stallian is affordable (not like a Ferrari!)


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