Who Else Wants A Slow Cooker You Can Transport And Not Worry About Spilling The Slow Cooker Contents?

Potluck Slow CookerWell, no worries, my friend. Because that is the point of this page – these are the best slow cookers for you to take to a potluck because they all have spill protection.

In addition, some have insulated tote bags that can not only protect agains spills but also keep the slow cooked food piping hot to ensure you impress.

So take a look at the 6 below. They are all good options and there is a good range of choice for you. Different sizes and either manual or programmable control for you to choose. Have at it…


Best Transportable, Spill Protected, Potluck Slow Cookers


1) West Bend 5 Quart Cook and Carry With Tote Bag

West Bend 5 Quart Slow Cooker

Coming in at number 1 as the best slow cooker for you to take to potlucks is the West Bend 5 quart slow cooker with mini griddle heating base. Yes, that’s right…

…The heating base for this slow cooker can also be used to fry up eggs and bacon and grilled cheese sandwiches. Think about the possibilities of that. You could cook up a roast for the adults and give the kids what they really want – grilled cheese!

The West Bend comes with a carrying tote that looks like a cooler bag as you can see in the photo. This not only keeps the food piping hot but ensures none of it spills out onto your car seat – it fits snug in the tote bag.

In addition to all that, the slow cooker has dishwasher safe parts, the pot is safe for the oven, range top and freezer. The mini griddle is non-stick. O, and the slow cooker and griddle is a manual control ‘turn-knob’ for your convenience.

2) Crock Pot Manual 6 Quart Cook and Carry

Crock Pot Cook and Carry Manual Slow Cooker

A close second for the best potluck slow cookers is the Crock Pot brand 6 quart manual. You can get this one in red or stainless (male or female?).

The reason it is second and not first is because (1) it does not have the mini griddle addition and (2) it will not insulate and keep warm the food for very long during travel (tote bag is insulated)… But you can purchase an additional Crock Pot travel bag that would insulate during travel – link below. Even with the bag the West Bend has the mini griddle, and so, I decided this Crock Pot was a very close second.

But do you even want the mini griddle? If not, then without a doubt this Crock Pot wins out. Get it if you enjoy taking your cooking to friends to share.

It is 6 quarts, manual control and the lid is lockable and sealed.

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3) Crock Pot Programmable 6 Quart Cook and Carry

Crock Pot Cook Carry Programmable Slow Cooker

The number 3 cook and carry slow cooker is another Crock Pot. This one is the same as the above Crock Pot only programmable and as such a bit more expensive.

This one is brand spanking new, in fact, it has no reviews yet on Amazon.com.

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It has everything you want and need in a programmable slow cooker with cook timer of 30 minutes to 20 hours and the cooker will switch to keep warm automatically.

It has a 6 quart capacity to ensure you can feed even the largest gathering. And, of course, since it’s on this page we know it has a lock down lid for transportable spill protection.

4) Hamilton Beach 6 Quart Programmable

Hamilton Beach Best Slow Cooker

Number 4 goes to the same slow cooker I rated number 1 best programmable slow cooker. The reason it is number 4 here is because although it is an awesome programmable cooker I feel the above 3 are better at the transport / spill protection side of things. And hey, this is the potluck slow cooker page.

So with this one you are essentially getting the best programmable slow cooker and the fourth best potluck slow cooker.

It has a capacity of 6 quarts to ensure 6 pound chickens and sides are all cooked perfect. It has the clip on lid, LED digital control panel and comes with a temperature probe to ensure the food gets cooked just right.

5) Hamilton Beach 6 Quart Manual Stay or Go

Best Hamilton Beach Potluck

This is Hamilton Beach’s manual control solution for potluck / spill protected slow cookers. So if you love Hamilton Beach but don’t want the programmable option above then get this manual one.

It is 6 quarts to ensure at least 7 people are catered for. The pot and lid are dishwasher safe. It has big grippy handles to ensure transport is a breeze. And of course it has a sturdy clip on lid

6) Proctor Silex 1.5 Quart

Proctor Silex 1.5 Quart Oval Slow Cooker

And lastly, I have the smallest volume option for you – the 1.5 quart Proctor Silex. I most like the cool color, do you? It’s citrus green but you can also get red, yellow or orange.

Notice the elastic bands wrapped around the lid? That’s the spill protection. It’s not the best setup but it works and it’s the reason this cooker is in sixth position and not first.

It is a manual slow cooker with low, high and warm cook settings. The lid and pot are, like most these days, dishwasher safe for your convenience. Check out the other colors.

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