Want a thermal cooker?

A thermal cooker slow cooks your food by using the knowledge of the principles of heat transfer. The thermal cooker essentially cooks your food with the foods own heat. Have you ever put coffee into a thermos? Same idea.

The idea is that you take the inner pot with your food and bring it to a boil on an open flame (gas stove or fire) then you place it in the outer pot to slow cook. The outer pot is so good at keeping the heat of the inner pot within, that it slow cooks your food over hours and hours without any external heat source required.

How does it do that?

The outer pot is designed with an inner wall and outer wall so that there is a vacuum between. Usually the width of the vacuum is 1 cm to optimise the insulation effect of it. Same basic principle that makes a double-panned window good at keeping the heat in your house.

So if all that sounds like something you want, Tiger offers a good solution…

Best For Camping Enthusiasts

Tiger 4.5 Liter Thermal Cooker Tiger 4.5 Liter Thermal Cooker

Tiger 4.5 Liter Thermal Cooker

Do you want to save on your power bill?

Want to make gourmet meals while camping or simply the old fashioned way?

This 4.5 liter thermal cooker does just that. You can use a fire (or open flame gas stove) to bring the contents of the inner pot to a boil. After that, you simply place the inner pot into the outer shell to slow cook the food to perfection.

It’s about as simple as it gets.

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