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Hamilton Beach Best Slow Cooker

So you know you want a Hamilton Beach slow cooker because you have either heard they are awesome or because you have some other Hamilton Beach appliance that has endured everything you have put it through.

Well, good stuff, because Hamilton Beach is a sterling brand in the slow cooker niche. They offer a variety of different styles and sizes of slow cooker. From 4 quart to 8 quart, touchscreen to turn knob, stylish to transportable and much in-between.

Hopefully my -Best of Hamilton Beach- list will help you decide which one is best for your needs.

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Best Programmable

A programmable slow cooker allows you to program a time or temperature to ensure your meal is waiting for you. Usually they have various modes to allow the cooker to cook by temperature, by meal or by your specification. The idea is they are smarter than their manual turn knob low, medium, high heat counterparts.

In terms of design specifications, a programmable slow cooker should be smart and intuitive. You shouldn’t have to read the manual to know how to use it. I mean, I’ve never read a microwave’s manual, have you?

In addition, it should be robust and allow for easy cleaning and easy use, the buttons should also be large enough so that people with hand-eye challenges can still use it.

Knowing all that, the best programmable Hamilton Beach slow cooker is their…

Hamilton Beach Best Slow Cooker Hamilton Beach Set and Forget 6 Quart

Hamilton Beach Set and Forget 6 Quart

Do you want an affordable programmable slow cooker?

The 6 quart Hamilton Beach comes with the necessary features for you to do your slow cooking like thermometer probe, modes that allow you to cook by temperature, by meal or by your desired cooking time and has a clip on lid, apparently for spill protection. Like most cookers these days, its pot and lid are dishwasher safe.

Personally, I like the simplicity of a turn-knob low, medium, high slow cooker, but of course heaps of you will want the extra control this slow cooker offers.

Best Value For Money

When evaluating this category I am simply after the “sweet spot” slow cooker that combines the best of features and style with affordability.

We all want the best for the least, right?

Hands down the best value for the money Hamilton Beach slow cooker is their…

Hamilton Beach Manual Slow Cooker Hamilton Beach Manual 6 Quart

Hamilton Beach Manual 6 Quart

Do you want a large 6 quart slow cooker?

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So with this one you get everything the programmable cooker above offers but just a little less control over the cooking process. Instead of the touch button control you have a knob that you use to specify the heat you want to cook at: low, high and keep warm. Essentially low means cook for 8-10 hours and high is 4-6 hours – obviously all depending on what you are cooking.

I personally love the manual style cooker – less things to break.

Best For Big Families

I suppose I would define a big family as one with 6 people or more. That’s 4 kids and 2 parents, or more. Regardless, to make a pick for this category I simple went straight to the 8 quart big boys on offer and looked for the favorable reviews.

The 8 quart variety are meant to cook 7lb roasts or chicken alongside veggies – with ease. The one that jumped out at me from Hamilton Beach is their…

Hamilton Beach Best Slow Cooker Hamilton Beach Manual 8 Quart

Hamilton Beach Manual 8 Quart

Do you want a massive slow cooker that is simple to use?

The manual controls, grip handles, removable dishwasher safe pot and glass lid all make this slow cooker perfect for feeding large families. And it’s affordable – lovely!

Best For Bachelors

Ah the bachelors category. I fit into this one and thus took most pride making the choice for all us bachelors reading this.

Pretty obvious that we need versatility – I do at least.

We need a skill-full tool to accomodate our skill-full chef skills and that is why I chose the Hamilton Beach 3 in 1 slow cooker as the best Hamilton Beach for Bachelors.

Hamilton Beach best Slow Cooker Hamilton Beach 3 in 1

Hamilton Beach 3 in 1 Slow Cooker

Do you want 3 slow cooker pot sizes that are all microwave/oven/dishwasher safe in 1?

3 in 1 means you get a 2, 4 and 6 quart slow cooker pot that are interchangeable in the slow cooker base and the lid fits them all. This means you can cook 3 different dishes either at once (given the bowls are microwave and oven safe) or one after the other.

What I would do is use the 6 quart pot to slow cook a chicken in broth all day. When I got home I would chuck that in the oven on low heat while I cook some veggies and potatoes (possibly in some of the broth) in the 4 quart pot. Then I might use the 2 quart to microwave some peas, or simply use it to heat up some gravy 🙂

See what I mean – it’s versatile.

Best For Potlucks (Cook at home then take to the party)

Wow, Hamilton Beach is such a thoughtful brand. They thought of everything when designing their range of slow cookers.

How many of you like to cook up at home and then go to a friends for a potluck? I do. And thankfully, with the Stay or Go, you don’t even have to transfer pots because this one comes with a clip lock lid.

I could have used a clip lock lid for when I cooked up a massive chilli and proceeded to drive just down the road to a potluck – with the chilli sitting shotgun. Needless to say, it spilt all over my work car’s front seat.

Best Hamilton Beach Potluck Hamilton Beach Stay or Go 6 Quart

Hamilton Beach Stay or Go 6 Quart

Do you need a multipurpose slow cooker with a clip on lid to avoid spilling during possible transport?

Done. This 6 quart has just that. And full grip handles and is dishwasher safe.

Best For Entertaining

With this category I wanted to capture the most suitable slow cookers for home use that allowed for not only conversation starters but also for keeping the food warm throughout a long night of chit chat.

The pumpkin shaped Hamilton Beach slow cooker shown right does both good.

Hamilton Beach Party Slow Cooker Hamilton Beach Party 1.5 Quart

Hamilton Beach Party Slow Cooker

Do you want a slow cooker with personality, and one that can act as a centrepiece for the table?

Why not a pumpkin shaped 1.5 quart slow cooker set. The idea is that you cook the food with the heating element base and then transfer that pot to the candle heated element located where you and friends are eating.

Also comes in red (normal shape) and red (heart shaped), haha.

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