Cuisinart Loves “Programmable” Slow Cookers

Cuisinart offers 3 slow cookers for you to choose from.

They are all programmable, or so they call them programmable. I do not agree with them that their 3.5 quart option should be given the designation (that’s why I parenthesized programmable above).

The only feature that varies between them is size. They offer a 3.5 quart, 4 quart and 6.5 quart pot size.

As it so happens, all 3 Cuisinart slow cookers are top selling.

Out of hundreds of slow cookers from over 10 brands Cuisinart slow cookers are 5, 18 and 35 on the bestsellers list. Their smallest cooker is most popular…

Best Seller

Cuisinart Programmable Slow Cooker Cuisinart 3.5 Quart Programmable

Cuisinart 3.5 Quart

Do you want a bestselling and top rated programmable slow cooker?

Cuisinart’s 3.5 quart programmable slow cooker has an amazing approval rating. Cuisinart must be doing something right.

Cuisinart slow cookers have ceramic pots that are dishwasher safe and this particular model is oval shape. The slow cooker has rubber feet at the base to keep it in place on your bench-top and also rubber handles so you can avoid touching the hot exterior.

The touch-pad programmable controls allow you to set modes of warm, simmer, low and high heat. So essentially it is just a manual slow cooker with touch-button, instead of knob, control. Personally, I would rather the turn knob, but maybe you like touching buttons?

Cuisinart’s Best Programmable

Cuisinart 4 Quart Slow Cooker Cuisinart 4 Quart Programmable Round

Cuisinart 4 Quart Round

Do you want a digital countdown timer?

The 4 quart option has a digital countdown timer with LCD display, which the above 3.5 quart does not. I think this model is better looking -more sturdy- than the 3.5 quart, as well.

The pot is still ceramic and dishwasher safe and you still get 4 modes to decide on your cooking temperature. This puppy also comes with an extra goody: a cooking rack.

Cuisinart’s Best Large Size Slow Cooker

Cuisinart 6.5 Quart Slow Cooker Cuisinart 6.5 Quart Oval Programmable

Cuisinart 6.5 Quart Oval Programmable

Do you want everything the 4 quart has except need the 6.5 quart capacity?

Maybe you have a large family, or maybe you just like entertaining large groups of people… The 6.5 quart has an LCD display to show you a countdown timer, which will hopefully ensure you cook your meals just right.

The oval shaped pot is dishwasher safe and the unit comes with non-slip rubber feet.


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